Terri Baranowski – Founder and Senior Literary Agent

GL Bio PicTerri Baranowski is a writer, speaker, literary agent, and founder of Gateway Literary.  With over 15 years experience working with writers, she has prepared numerous manuscripts for publication and is currently specializing in hybrid contracts designed to meet the diverse needs of today’s author.

Former St. Louis feature columnist and the author of several award-winning humorous essays, Terri was instrumental in the development of a never-aired high concept television dramedy and an alternate reality game (ARG) involving various media platforms to promote The Book of Jer3miah, a New York Times recognized webisode series.  She also assisted in the creation and editing of The Criterion, first literary criticism journal of Brigham Young University, where she received a B.A. in English.  All of this has given her the preposterous idea that she is a writer, however, her current frustrations over the uncooperative characters in her first novel, Chimera, are beginning to make her think otherwise.

Terri resides in Salt Lake City, Utah with a couple of unruly Shih Tzus, a mile-high slushpile which she prefers to call The Pile of Possibility, and an indomitable Polish spirit.

Jo Schaffer – Junior Agent

Jo Schaffer

Jo Schaffer was born and raised in the California Bay Area. She is a published YA novelist, speaker, and a Taekwondo black belt. She co-founded the Teen Author Boot Camp, one of the nation’s largest conferences for teens where bestselling authors present writing workshops to nearly a thousand attendees annually.

Jo works with authors and literary agents providing editing, feedback and preparing manuscripts for submission. She loves being involved in anything that promotes literacy and the arts but her favorite thing is being mom to three strapping sons and a neurotic cat named Hero. They live together in the beautiful mountains of Utah.